Troubleshooting RIM Outage

No email on your BlackBerry may mean that you are experiencing a RIM outage. This article explains what a RIM outage is, how it affects you and what you may need to do to make sure your email is working correctly after the outage is passed.

Though it doesn’t happen often, there will be times when email on a BlackBerry will come several screeching halt. If you’re not a huge email user, besides being the only BlackBerry user who isn’t, you might not see the absence of incoming email right away. However, after several hoursor maybe even a full day of no email, you’ll soon discover that something is definitely unethical. Don’t panic. First, check to see provided you can get online via your BlackBerry browser. If you cannot, then there’s a strong possibility that you’re experiencing the same task as millions of other BlackBerry users and which is an unavoidable RIM blackout.

RIM, the company this makes BlackBerry, offers a very reliable network and highly reliable data devices. Because one time email does such an admirable job in delivering you the best mobile email solution ever, it is necessary carry out routine maintenance and upgrades to the RIM network in order to ensure BlackBerry devices everywhere include the greatest little handheld machines that we can’t live without. When these maintenance and upgrade procedures take place, RIM is sometimes forced to interrupt data service for millions of subscribers at a time. As much of a pain as it is, it’s something basic blog post can live with as have it to be within own best interest. If this ever happens to you, be patient as your full data and email service will be restored soon.

Most of time RIM schedules maintenance and upgrades regarding performed at points in the low user access like the wee hours of the night time. Because of this, we often don’t even realize when we’re in a RIM outage that’s why it has no influence on our day. Because doing so who work and use their devices during non-traditional work hours, it can consist major pain. Also, for many on both sides of the BlackBerry work schedule, it will be necessary to resend BlackBerry service books after the outage to bring email back to full-speed again. If your email has been out for over a few hours (the norm) next is probably the truth. The outage is over, but your service books are out and are keeping you from receiving incoming mail.

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