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Hostgator is not the cheapest hosting provider. There are many services available that can host your website for $ 1 / month. But Hostgator has one of the lowest prices among premium servers. Premium means 24/7 phone and chat support and reliable servers. For me, these two are more important. In the past, I hosted my sites on cheap hosts. I can not remember how many of these vendors broke their servers or their own website has completely disappeared from the search engine index and I could not find them online. Now, the vast majority of cheap hosts have fake phone numbers.

Try to call and see for yourself. They will not answer. I remember the frustrations I felt when my website was down and nobody hostgator coupon code 75 off could be contacted. Whenever this happened, it cost me $ 30 to have someone move my site to a new host. And my site would be 2 days less inactive. So, although the price we pay now for Hostgator is a few dollars more per month than the cheap servers, it costs me less if I take into account the time and money wasted on the cheap calculator (without talk about emotional costs). And the price is even better if you use the promotional codes of Hostgator.

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Reliability The availability of the host is critical. As I said, I hosted websites on inexpensive servers many times. As I said, there were things I did not like, and I’m sure they would not do it. I woke up one day and my site did not work. Of course, there would be no phone support, so it would scare me. How to contact this host as soon as possible to let him know that my site is not available and ask him to restore it? The only way was to send them by e-mail. He would leave a support ticket and expect his customer service to respond quickly.

In such a case, four things happen:

In some cases, they would respond in a few hours and solve my problem.
In other cases, they said they had no idea why my page was not working, even though it turned out to be a problem with their servers. I remember that sometimes your servers collapsed and all backups were removed. You asked me to download my website again from my own backup.
In other cases, they told me that they blocked my website because it was hacked or contained malware. A website hosted on a cheap host is vulnerable to malware attacks. Now I had to hire a pro and ask him to look for and fix the malicious code on my site.
The worst thing that happens in some cases is that the hosting company would not respond at all. In some cases, the website of the hosting company would also fail. And in a few rare cases, the hosting company has never been on the web since that day! In each case, it was the end of my relationship with this company. I had to transfer my page to another host. If I had a recent backup, I would use this backup to move my site Hostgator promo code to a new host. If I did not have a backup in progress and needed it, I would be lost because the host would not give me access to my control panel. They would not respond at all to my support tickets.


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